Sunday, March 8, 2009

I caved!

Thank you Sally! Your tedious mission to cool me out and get me to do something great for my family finally came about! I am actually blogging. Never thought I would.

This week March 1-7, 2009

Deven talked to many large companies to see if they can quote truss packages for Smith Truss who is apart of Smith Crane. We hope to have a gravel pit one day and we will call that Smith Rocks!

Wendy prepared (or helped prepare) seven talks for Sunday where we will be speaking in church, and helped Kate and Jane prepare to play the harp for Sacrament Meeting. Jane's didn't gel in time so Kate is the one who pulled us out. I bought some of my 3 month supply. Now I get to try to find a place to put it.

Jake came home very excited this week and told me that he was going to be playing the tuba. I quickly turned to him and said, "What about the trumpet?" (which he has been playing for the past 3 years.) He told me that he would be playing both since this trimester at school there aren't any tuba players. His teacher chose him because he can play the piano and read the base hand. It took me a minute but I soon realized that this was an honor! He did awesome on his talk during sacrament meeting. He spoke about language and to have clean language.

Kyle has had an awesome week and did awesome on his talk also. He spoke about choosing good friends and didn't look down once! He planned and set up a snow boarding trip to go on with his friends to celebrate his twelfth birthday. He chose to take Parker Weese and Jake Holbrook. Recently he got to play the big base drum during a school recital. He comes home frequently with girls hand writing on his hands.

Kate did a wonderful job preparing her talk. She spent hours typing it on the computer. She talked about family home evening and had a great quote from President Hinckley. She is getting really good at helping with dinner and actually had her first babysitting job. It lasted and hour and she sat there while the baby slept. She will be our next birthday and will be turning 10 on April 6th.

Jane is a wonderful speaker she spoke about the divine calling of a mother. She delivered her talk completely memorized. The stake president happened to be at church and when he went to shake her hand he said, "What is this?" She said, "My talk." He said, "This is your talk?" as he looked at her paper. It was a simple page of lined paper. On the top it had the word "theme" then it had six hand drawn pictures and that was it. She almost had "I am a child of God" down on the harp to play but it was still a little bumpy so we opted not to play it. Maybe next time. Jane has also been invited to join a math club after school. When I got the invitation I was confused and asked her teacher if Jane was behind in math. Her teacher called me and explained that this is an advanced class to challenge the children who are ahead in math. I said, "Oh". I hung up the phone feeling quite proud.

Camry is too cute for words today she gave her talk on being a child of God. She did it with out any parent helping her at all. She stood up there so brave and gave the talk completely memorized with out pictures or props. Props to Camry! Today Camry comes to get me and asked me where the soap was to the laundry. I walk in and she had folded the clothes in the dryer (as good as a 4 yr old can), put the wet clothes in the dryer and had put dirty clothes in the washer(luckily there was nothing in there that would bleed) She only needed my help to start the washer and dryer. She said, "I will be a good Mom one day."

Abby is two. Still getting into things. Still making messes and finding her independence. She is trying to learn to be consistent with being potty trained, I may have to call my friend and ask her for her potty training book for some help. It seems like she will never really get it. She did great on her talk and talked about being happy and smileing. Too cute. Her raw determination and her Abbyness is unequaled. We couldn't imagine life without her.